Homeschool- Quality of Numbers on the Chalkboard

Here is another look onto our school chalkboard. This last season we studied numbers 1 through 12. Each lesson included several qualities of a number (inspired by waldorf education). 
Each was displayed in several forms including the roman numeral. I also included some EspaƱol for our foreign language practice.
During each lesson my 7 year old would copy all the forms of the numeral into her math book while my 6 year old would usually draw the image only (ie: A sun for number 1) into her school book. My two youngest (ages 4 and 2) would draw whatever they pleased in their art books during lessons. 
Teaching this way was a lot of fun for both myself and my girls. And I enjoyed practicing my art skills along with learning some extra humility as I realized how sloppy my chalk writing is (; I'll be adding that to my "need to improve" list.

Some of my 7 years old's work:

Numbers on the chalkboard (By mama):

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  1. Art you LDS and Waldorf? Me too! I love finding other people who have combined the two because I have felt a little out of place sometimes. I love Waldorf and feel it speaks to my soul when it comes to parenting. I wish there were more people who felt comfortable combining the two so that we could get together and let the kids run wild in the playground-less parks and go on lantern walks together in November. I have a painting degree and I love the artistic side of Waldorf education. Keep up the good work, your blog is beautiful!


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