FYI: Moving all StarHaus Files from Scribd to Free site.

*Update:  I've gone through all my posts and updated the links for downloading. I hope I didn't miss any. If you come across any file that isn't updated to access a FREE download, please leave a comment on such post. 

It has come to my attention that all the files that have been put on this site are not accessible for free. Apparently, Scribd now requires a membership just to download files. Ugh! I am not happy about this. When I first began using Scribd, it was free to download but now it's $9 bucks! Not cool.
I make all my files to share for free.  So now I am in the process of moving all Star Haus downloadable files to a free sharing site.  Sorry to anyone who has tried to download and had a screen pop up saying they had to pay.  Please check back soon for updates.

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