Fetching Friday: Retro Floral

Okay, so I know that floral prints have been pouring their little hearts out all over apparel lately. And for the most part, I do not like it what I see. They remind me of unflattering pants from the early 90's that may or may not have actually existed. So floral pants are out for me.  
Oh, but every so often my eye catches a charming floral frock with just the right styling of floral pattern and it makes me Flower happy. 
Here is lovely Wallpaper-style Flower design dress with some just-as-lovely additions to complete the outfit.
1- Prism Sunglasses/2-Double Bow Headband/3-Punched Leather Zip Purse/
4-Rosie Mint Bracelet/5-Merry Mint Flats/6-Mint Chadie Wallpaper Dress/

Style Guide: Retro Floral



charming - attractive - engaging - alluring - winsome

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