Print it- We Believe in the Articles of Faith Mini-Booklet

A little gem for anyone learning the Articles of Faith

I made the book mini so that you it can be carried around easily. Say, in a side pocket of a scripture tote, or purse.
It can be used in your home with your own children or in Primary at church.
The PDF Booklet was designed to create a 14-page mini-booklet. It includes all 13 articles of Faith and a cover page.

How to: Click Here to download and Print. 
To make this booklet last a long time, cut each article out and laminate it at your local print/office store. Then punch a hole in each and add a book or key ring. The cost came out to about $4.00 for the entire process. If you intend to make several of these, I suggest getting a hold of someones personal laminator to make the job less expensive.
I hope this will help someone out there. I love how the mini-booklet turned out

Click Here to Download & Print

For more information on what we believe in our church, click on the side bar button- "My Beliefs"


  1. These are just wonderful! Thank you!

  2. LOVE these! They will be perfect for my Activity Days girls! Thank you so much for sharing!


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