Home made Modeling Beeswax

I've been wanting to buy some Stockmar modeling beeswax. You know the stuff. All the crunchy/ waldorf mommas love it. But at 30 bucks a pack, I just can't bring myself to buy it. 
Luckily, there are plenty of recipes for home made modeling beeswax online. 
Here is a great one. I made a batch without lanolin and it turned out wonderful. I also added a bit of essential oil to it as well.  It turned out firm enough to keep form, but pliable enough that my kids can actually build and play without frustration.  

(Now, a note about homemade modeling beeswax; it is a bit sticky to the touch and not incredibly shiny like Stockmar's wax. This is because, although Stockmar uses mostly pure beeswax in their crayons and modeling beeswax, they also add 10% paraffin to their products. Please correct me if Stockmar has recently omitted the paraffin.)


  1. hi thank you for the post regarding leaving out lanolin! I'm curious though, how did you change the recipe you linked to? did you simply leave out the lanolin? replace it with more olive oil?

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