Merry Christmas and our 3,000 mile moving trek

Merry Christmas.

And Yes, we are making a one-way, 3,000 mile road trip to the Eastern United States... with 4 little girls... during the holiday season. Yes, we are adventurous and a bit insane. Maybe more of the latter.

Because of this upcoming trek, the last few weeks have been as busy as busy can be;
Christmas traditions, Wee Waldorf shipments,  And on top of that, we have been packing, packing, and packing like mad!

By the way, we have WAY too much STUFF!  So we have downsized on Everything, giving so much of our STUFF away.
Now all our belongings, (including Wee Waldorf Supplies) fit in an 8x4 trailer. It feels good!

Wish us luck!

See you all soon.

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