Make it- Mandarin Salad with Sweet Ginger Dressing

A simple salad with with a sweet and tangy asian dressing.
Mandarin Salad with Sweet Ginger Dressing

Ingredients (Greens):
~ A big bowl full of fresh dark leafy greens (organic is best)
~ 3 C Mandarin orange segments
~ 1 C Slivered almonds

Combine and set aside.

Ingredients (Ginger Dressing):
~ 1/2 C Grapeseed oil (or other choice of mild-tasting oil)
~ 1/8 C of freshly squeezed lime juice
~ 1/8 C Raw Honey

~ 1 T ground ginger
~ Pinch of fine sea salt

Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar, stir until everything is smooth in consistency (the honey takes a bit of time to dissolve) .  Dressing will keep for about 5 days.
Drizzle dressing over greens and enjoy!


  1. Oh boy that sounds yummy, I must try it! I love the bowl too!
    ~ joey ~

  2. That salad looks Delicious! I will definitely be trying this! Thanks for the recipe :)



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