I let my kids play with fire.

I knew that would catch your attention.

Alright, so Jane, my oldest,  really loves fire. Pyromaniac? Eh. maybe.

Anywho, she has had little fire pits (really just rocks gathered in a circle) on our back patio for quite some time, so I figured what the hey, let's start a fire, so we did.
It turned into a homeschool lesson I suppose. Fire starting technique, fire safety...

Oh, just look at my little fire starter. ha. I never thought I'd say that.

What else do we do during school you ask?
Why, we hang out in boxes of course.


  1. I think teaching children safety around fire is really important. While it might seem "dangerous", it satisfies a curiosity that might otherwise be met in unsafe ways! We have a kitchen wood stove and we let our kids help roll up the paper, and the older two can safely open the door and throw a piece of wood in. We also camp and have frequent bonfires here at home, and they LOVE to just stick the end of a stick in and watch it burn. Heck, I like to do that! It's all about teaching them to do things safely. When you can say yes, why not say it?? Love the box picture!

  2. Yes! thankyou!

    Really, who doesn't enjoy watching a campfire burn? (:

  3. I totally agree that teaching kids how to do things safely is the way to go! My daughter for some reason is afraid of fire, we're not sure why, we don't even have a fireplace, but lighting matches terrifies her! She even decided not to go on to Girl Guides because she knew that they make them light fires.


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