The Tarahumara and my froggy shoes

When I first learned of the Tarahumara people of Mexico and their extreme endurance running; I was amazed. Well nothing has changed; I'm still amazed at their incredibly enduring long distance running. The Tarahumara people have lived generations within a transportation network of narrow footpaths through the high canyons of northern Mexico; Their RarĂ¡muri or "foot runners" can tread 500 miles a week wearing just simple handmade sandals. 

So this got me thinking. How would my feet do running without my cushy Nikes? Could I run better? Could my feet handle not being surrounded by running shoe goodnes? Because really, even with expensive running shoes, I still rolled my ankle at least once a run. 

Then I decided to try running totally barefoot. 

I guess 20 years of fancy foot support had made my feet a little weak. Because the experience was totally alien for my feet. 
I ran really slow. Felt heavy. I could feel every pebble under each step (seriously, every. single. pebble).

Running barefoot a couple times was hard and I was about to give up. Those stinky pebbles just hurt too much!

But around the same time I was discovering barefoot running, I found these shoes and decided to give them a try. Well, I love them and I better for all the money I spent on them! 
My girls call them my "froggy shoes". My froggy shoes give  me enough sole protection to tread over those nasty pebbles without any excessive cushion.  
Alright, so I may not be able to run 500 miles a week in sandals but I can run for a while without rolling my ankle with these. Good right? 



  1. 1. I totally support this endeavor!
    2. I saw a guy running in just like these paper flip flops the other day. Barefoot but A LITTLE more protected. Still really tough if you ask me!
    3. Have you eaten at Tarahumara in Midway? It's SOOO GOOD!
    4. I know, it's pathetic how I can take this rich, cultural post and somehow bring it back to food, but really, you should try it!


  2. awesome...I have been loving those shoes since I fiorst saw them in a shop downtown! xoxoox love your blog!

  3. gracias! I really do love em. Oooh, food is totally relevant to my cultural past. I'll have to check out the eats!


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