Print it- Rainbow Alphabet Printable

I love color, if you don't know that already. So, yes I had to make a RAINBOW Alphabet Printable. And I thought it fitting to bring in the new school year.

Have fun with this one! Put it on your mantle, in the nursery, the bathroom, the kids can practice the alphabet while they're on the potty.Hey, it's a good idea! Enjoy. 

click here to download and print

(For personal use only people. 
But I already know you know that (: )


  1. Ah! I love rainbows!
    I will print this out as soon as my summer madness slows down. I think the panic of summer ending is causing our calendar to swell!
    ~ joey ~

  2. I love this!!! It was too great not to feature on my ABC printable round-up.

  3. I know this was done a long time ago but I love it. I'd love to use this in my daughters room. Would you consider making a number one to go along with it? I have two square frames that need something to frame.


I love to read all your comments!

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