Print it- Circles Chore chart for the littles

So the other week I put up a cute chore chart for my girls from Dandee Designs. Super cute by the way!

But it didn't seem to motivate my kids well enough and for them it didn't seem to make the goal of doing their chores for an entire week visibly attainable. I know, an entire week. Remember, my kids are all under six years old (:  

Then I thought, maybe instead of making it a list , we'd try something more visually conceivable and fun; circles.  
(I don't do well with lists either. I have about 20 "to do" lists, all incomplete)...anyway....

So far so good. The girls can easily see their progress in each circle. 

Circles Chore Chart


  1. I was thinking of doing something like this! We have supplement reminder cards on our fridge for each of us because we never remember to take everything so I was hoping that something similar would help the kids remember what they need to do in the morning BEFORE sitting down to read or play! Something visual seems to help!

  2. thanks for the visit. You have a lovely blog here! :)


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