Our Felted Meadow Playscape

What do you do on rainy summer days? Well, if you're not in the mood to jump in puddles then you do what we did; make a meadow playscape out of wool roving.

Tiny toadstools
A cave home for wee friends 
We wet felted like this technique from Magic Onions but we used pre-colored wool and way too much soap. Then, after it dried, we needle-felted tiny flowers and toadstools. I also sewed the entire thing onto a large piece of felt for extra stability.
Arranging the green for the meadow
Jane is great at needle -felting
Play time!

Now my girls have a sweet little meadow for  hedgehog and all his friends!

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  1. Love it!
    I think a cave is a must on a playscape! And a river too! Fun!!!
    ~ joey ~


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