How the amateur trains for a triathalon in 9 weeks.

See that little logo on the right? "Triathamom".  Yup I'm gonna do it. 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run. Have I ever done this before? Nope.  But that's not stopping me. Yes, I'm a horrible swimmer. I bike at a mediocre speed. And I can barely run a mile.
But, I'm just gonna Do it.

I'm getting too old (25 is old right? Well, having kids has aged me a lot more) to worry about failing or not meeting certain standards.
It's an attitude I wish I had 10 years ago. Oh well. I have this now and I'm gonna use it! Whoo! Here I come Triathamom, don't you love the name? (don't worry, motherhood not required (: )

By the way, Triathamom makes it easy to Do it since it is a non-competitive, beginner event with a great emphasis on support.  All athletic events should be more like this!
It's perfect for a amateur like me who, on the day of the event, will be sputtering my way across the pool, riding a, not-so-professional-looking mountain bike and probably walking the last stretch of the event.
If nothing else,I hope this will give you a look into my very amateur athletic abilities. Hey, maybe even inspire you to try something out of your comfort level. Cheers to that!

So this is how an unprofessional trains:

week 1 day 1
-I swam a few skimpy laps in my B.I.L.'s pool. I told you I'm a horrible swimmer. (about 50 yards)
-Rode a bike home from the pool. On an incredibly uncomfortable bike seat I must add. Note: An uncomfortable bike seat for any amount of time is not fun! (about 7 miles)
-Skipped the running for today. I just wanted to get home and off that bike seat. Ouch! (0 miles)

50 yard swim
7 mile bike
0 mile run ):


  1. I totally admire your determination to do this! I don't think I have it in me to take on that challenge....I've never felt this out of shape before! ;o)
    Good for you!
    ~ joey ~

  2. thanks we'll see how I do at the end result.


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