Found-Friendship Bracelet tutorial

 The fanciest jewelry I have is my wedding bands and I love it for two reasons. One being that my husband gave it to me and two that it has inlaid turquoise from Mexico. (I love turquoise) 
Diamonds are not my thing either especially for this reason.

But what you will always find on my wrist or neck is some kind of natural fiber or natural stone. Right now a blue cotton bracelet from Tim, another purple bracelet from a niece and a blue stone  necklace.
I can never have enough bracelets it seems And now that I've found this great tutorial for friendship bracelets, it seems I will have bracelets up to my elbows!


  1. Friendship bracelets remind me so much of my girlhood. How fun that they've found their way back! :)

  2. I used to know how to make these!! They're so summery and colourful!


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