Poor back no more.

We celebrated the Summer Solstice by spending the weekend camping. 

A bit about me and camping; First of all, I really enjoy camping, my body not so much. I never sleep while camping. This is due to those tiny rocks below my tent that always seems to work their way into the most sensitive places on my back.  Sleeping bags never give enough cushion (this is where you say, "well of course.  A sleeping bag isn't a bed of feathers Luz." and I'll say, "Alright, I guess it's not always good to be a minimalist.").
But this weekend Tim brought along an old futon cushion to sleep on and Ahhhhhhh! my back was so happy! 

So yes, I still really enjoy camping and so does my back....as long as I bring the futon along.

On a side note, our girls discovered that the entire ground surrounding our camp site was covered in wild onion. I really should have made some onion potato soup. Oh well next time. (:

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