Make it-Wee felt+wood Note Book

This wee book tutorial makes for a perfect little note companion.
It can also be a quick last-minute birthday gift, or party favor idea. Each takes only a couple minutes especially if you have everything cut up in advance.

Make it- Wee felt+wood Book


  • Felt Strip (4 1/4" x 13")
  • 8 Paper strips (4 1/4" x 10" each)
  • Twine/yarn (18" long) + 6" piece for binding notebook
  • branch button
  • Strong needle
  • Scissors

Step 1.
Pile your paper atop one another. Fold in half.

Step 2.
Place edges of papers to edge of felt and sew and knot paper and felt together at crease with 6" twine. 

Step 3. 
Now sew your button onto long end of felt just like in photo.

Wrap twine around book and button to secure.

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