Make it-Homemade Butter

Butter. Home made and yummy.

Make it- Home made Butter

All you need is: 
-Heavy whipping cream 
-A leak-proof container
-A few little ones that can shake, shake, shake! 

It's easy. Pour some cream in a container, close it tightly and shake it for a good 15 minutes (depending on how much cream you're churning (shaking) into butter. 
We like to do our butter dance sing along when we make butter. (I forgot to get photos of this)
It will get thicker and thicker the more you shake. I like to stop about halfway through the shaking and dip some crackers in the whipped cream. Mmmm.
You'll know it's done when all you have left is a perfect little buttery ball (Well, it might not turn into a perfect ball but that doesn't matter.) and a bit of buttermilk in your container. 
And you have wonderful home made butter to enjoy on some toast!!


  1. yes! we like to make butter too. in fact, i will do this with 20 preschoolers next week during a museum camp. : ) glad to have found you via pinterest!

  2. (: I made butter with my school as a child too and I loved it!


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