Make it- Reusable Snack Sack

Carry along snacks are a must for our family when we are out and about. 
If you have little ones, you know how a hunger tantrum can (sometimes) be tamed by a quick snack.  
Most likely, your snacks are stored in a plastic zipper baggieBut who wants that, especially when you end up throwing away and wasting the baggie?
The Eco-Friendly solution is Reusable Sacks.

And the best part is you can throw the sacks in the wash when they get dirty. Yay!
These are pretty quick and simple to sew so lets make some!

Make it- Reusable Snack Sack

~2 rectangles of cotton fabric (8"x6" each)
~Velcro (5 1/2" long)

Step 1.
Fold over 1/2" top of fabric and stitch on velcro piece to outside of fabric. (Do this to both pieces of fabric).

Step 2.
Straight stitch and zigzag (or serge) right sides of fabric together. (Leave top open)

Step 3.
Fold over top of fabric and stitch around sack. This will make your velcro face the inside of your sack now.

Make these in different sizes for all your different snacks or use them to carry along makeup or anything you can think of...

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  1. I have generally packed snacks in reusable plastic-ware, to avoid the zipper bags. But, they are bulky--just as bulky empty as when they're full. This is a great solution. The fabric bags are lighter weight and smaller profile. Maybe I'll try doing this. Good idea.


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