Make it- Natural Beeswax Birthday candles

I love to find new ways to use my cookie cutters.
Here's a way to make unique candles that are great for topping a birthday cake.
Make it-Natural Beeswax Birthday Candles


  • sheets of bees wax (I used Swarm Naturals)
  • cookie cutters
  • wick
  • toothpicks or other short wooden sticks

Step 1.
With your desired cookie cutter,
cut out four identical pieces out of the bees wax sheet.
Step 2.
Layer 2 of your cookie cut pieces atop one another.
Step 3.
Trim and center a wick onto your cut pieces. Add a toothpick on wax as well.  
Step 4.
Add remaining layers of wax and gently firm together with fingers.

How cute are these?

For even more fun, you can use colored bees wax.

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