Make it- Home made Toothpaste

*Update: This makes for the most excellent deodorant! I use it daily!

I want to share the recipe for our homemade toothpaste. If you are a natural health enthusiast, you've probably read about the negative effects of saccharin and fluoride.

Here's a cheap and much better alternative to commercial toothpaste.

-5 Tbs baking soda
-4 Tbs coconut oil
-About 10 drops of essential oil. (I used peppermint)
-Container (Make sure it has a lid. Baking soda will absorb smells if left to open air.)
-*You can also add a bit of stevia or other natural sweetener if you're used to a sweeter toothpaste.

Mix all ingredients together in a container until it becomes a thick paste. 

And there's your toothpaste.


  1. I have made something very similar, except that I use glycerin instead of coconut oil. I look forward to trying it. More and more lately, I have heard about the attributes of coconut oil.

    1. Glycerin coats your teeth and stops them remineralising. I'd reconsider that ingredient if I were you.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try this toothpaste

  3. thanks for sharing I prefer the coconut oil


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