Make it- Childs Felt Crown

A pretty simple but still really cute crown made of felted wool as well as wool roving. 

(Pattern for a 4/5 yr old)

-felt (9"x22")
-interfacing/any kind of sturdy material for inner layer
-needle and thread
-hair elastic
-sewing machine

Optional decorative accent supplies:
-felting needle
-sponge (for felting)

Step 1.
  • Take your cut template and place on fold of felt. Cut out pattern.
  • Do the same with your interfacing.
  • You should end up with 3 pieces (4 1/2"x22" each)

Step 2:
  • Using your felting supplies add a little embellishment to the center of one of your crown pieces (let the creativity flow!).

Step 3:
  • Pin all three pieces together.

Step 4:

  • Place elastic inside end of layers (with a bit sticking out)and pin.
  • Sew on your button to other end of crown.

Step 5:

  • Set your sewing machine to zigzag.
  • Sew along all edges of crown.

And you're done!

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