8 things for my everyday

8 things for my everyday.

 1. time to yourself to reflect, contemplate, number blessings. just be in your own thoughts. {this one very hard to come by but on most days, but for me, the most needed}

2. a stretch. even if you haven't exercised that day, a good stretch is great for your body in so many ways.

3. creative moment. a time to sketch, write a poem, unique ideas, anything to get the brain thinking creatively.

4. individual time with each family member. {hard too, but so very important and special especially if you have children}

5. family meal + meal preparation {eating together is wonderful, but preparing and enjoying together is even better}

6. get outdoors. enjoy the natural, soak up the sun, even if it's not the most ideal time of year.

7. learn something new. small or big. the brain never tires from learning. 

8. show love toward a stranger. great for the soul. even a simple gesture of saying hello.

Those are my 8. Of course, there are always more you could do, but these 8 are the essentials list to keep me square and grounded in my life.

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