Our Family Manifesto

 I'm sharing our Family Manifesto. It hangs on the wall in our kitchen/dining area.
This is a declaration of the essential traits, actions, and beliefs that have given our family strength and made our home a happy one.  I hope we can add more to our manifesto in the future.

-Our Family Manifesto-
Love God
Love One another
Seek wisdom
Ask for help
Speak with kindness
Be honest
Count your blessings
Listen well
Choose wisely
Share what you have
Explore nature
Try new things
Be helpful
Pursue your goals
Practice, practice, practice
Create art
Make music
Eat consciously
Do yoga
Choose to be happy
Love who you are


Make it- Whole Wheat Soft Tortillas

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to make homemade tortillas. So easy. 
 But no more shall I forgo the opportunity to make a delicious steamy tortilla for our frequent latin meals.
I mean, I grew up eating them. Mmmm, thanks for all the yummy tortillas and Mexican food, Mom.  

Here's my version of homemade Tortillas, amigos.  Don't you just love how they're not perfectly round?
Whole Wheat Soft Tortillas
(makes about 1 dozen tortillas)

3 C. Whole wheat flour 
2 t. (Aluminum-free) Baking powder 
11/2 t. Sea Salt
5 T. Unsalted Grass-fed Butter (softened) or Coconut oil
3/4 C Warm Water

In a food Processor or High-Speed Blender (I use a Blend-tec), combine flour, baking powder and salt. Next, pulse in butter or coconut oil until a crumbly mix forms. Then slowly add warm water to mix until a dough forms.

Next, divide dough into 12 balls or 24 little balls (my kids love "baby tortillas") onto a floured surface. Roll out your balls with a rolling pin and cook each in a dry skillet at medium heat (about 30 secs. on each side of tortilla).


Make it- Easy Alkalizing Tonic

The use of Apple Cider Vinegar dates back to and past the time of Hippocrates. A miracle liquid in my opinion. I've used it before to heal many of my ails.  
Here it is in an alkalizing combination with fresh lemon juice and a bit of honey. 
{Easy Alkalizing Tonic}

-Fill a glass with pure/ filtered water
-Fresh juice from one organic lemon
-1 teaspoon organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "mother")
-A bit of raw organic honey to taste.

Drink it down first thing in the morning. 
(You may chose to follow with a swish of baking soda and water as a mouth rinse to prevent the acidic wear of tooth enamel (ACV is very alkalizing once in the body, but a bit acidic on your teeth) )


Homeschool- Quality of Numbers on the Chalkboard

Here is another look onto our school chalkboard. This last season we studied numbers 1 through 12. Each lesson included several qualities of a number (inspired by waldorf education). 
Each was displayed in several forms including the roman numeral. I also included some EspaƱol for our foreign language practice.
During each lesson my 7 year old would copy all the forms of the numeral into her math book while my 6 year old would usually draw the image only (ie: A sun for number 1) into her school book. My two youngest (ages 4 and 2) would draw whatever they pleased in their art books during lessons. 
Teaching this way was a lot of fun for both myself and my girls. And I enjoyed practicing my art skills along with learning some extra humility as I realized how sloppy my chalk writing is (; I'll be adding that to my "need to improve" list.

Some of my 7 years old's work:

Numbers on the chalkboard (By mama):


Home School- Alphabet on the Chalkboard

Here's a look into the how we identify and understand the quality of letters here at our homeschool table. This approach is inspired by Waldorf education, which I use a lot in my  home school methods.


Summer guide- The Best Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds

The summer heat is rolling in and all I want to do is sit in a cool pool and eat popsicles. 
Mmmm. Sounds nice huh? 

Well then, here's a guide for the Hottest Ice Pop Molds out there right now. So go get your freeze on and make some Popsicles! {All listed are BPA-Free.}

1- Freezy Pop Stainless-Steel mold // 2- Tovolo Bug Pop Mold Set // 
3- Orka Ice Pop Mold Set // 4- Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds // 5- Push Pop Mold 
// 6- Onyx Stainless-Steel Pop mold set // 7- Jewel Ring Pop 
//8- Kinderville Little Bites Molds //
9- Zuku Slow Pops Mold Set // 10-Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop set

Style Guide- The Best {non-toxic} Ice Pop Molds

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